Київ, вул. Саксаганського, 68/21
Пн - Нд: 11:00–22:00
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About us

About us

The restaurant-mystery “Healthy Sense” is a modern gastronomic space, offers guests a concise menu, which does not include casual dishes. Each recipe is created by the famous chef Yuri Priesmky, who actively promotes the idea of ​​a local product, innovative taste and creative architect to each dish.

The unusual name reflects the concept of the restaurant, because everything is guided by a rational approach. Mystery guests are people who know how to earn their own money and want to get quality food and service for reasonable money. All dishes are prepared exclusively from quality local products.

The interior of the restaurant is made in the spirit of the times, it has a lot of daylight and a reasonable zoning. You can sit comfortably by the large windows, book a table with comfortable chairs in the style of the 60’s, hold a tasting at the central communication table or sit in cozy niches for private conversations.

The gastronomic business card of the mystery is meat cooked on charcoal in hosper (Josper). A glass of red wine is considered a classic addition to meat, but if you want to change the standards, use a cocktail menu. The wine offer of the restaurant is worth a special mention and is made with a view to democracy.

Унікальні страви
Кожен рецепт створений відомим шеф-кухарем Юрієм Приєсмьким
Якісна їжа
Всі страви готуються виключно з якісних локальних продуктів
В дусі 60-х
Інтер’єр ресторану виконаний в дусі часу, в ньому багато денного світла і розумне зональне розділення
Гастрономічною візитівкою мітерії визнано м’ясо приготоване на вугіллі в хоспері